What is best practice in pitching for a series A round?

Ben Narasin / November, 2017


Ben Narasin, Partner at Canvas Ventures describes some best practices for pitching in the early stage.

Video transcript:

What is best practice in pitching for a series A round?

Every once and a while an entrepreneur will come in and say, would you rather see the deck or would you rather have a conversation? Inside my head, I say to myself, “I don’t know, why don’t we just hang out and talk about the weather!”. I want to see your deck. The deck is a guideline to the conversation we’re gonna have. The conversation is the first conversation, it will lead if it’s going to lead anywhere to either a pass or many more conversations to get the funding done whether that happens in a compressed way over a period of a short number of days or a longer period.

You need to come in very prepared with your deck. You use that deck as a table of contents but you’re the one giving the pitch. You’re the one presenting the information. That deck should be somewhat minimalistic. It should be the road posts along the way of our journey together, for you to take me through the business, your team, your visions, your values, what you want to achieve in life for this business, what your northern light is. That should naturally evolve into conversations, that to me is best practices.

One of the comments on the deck: the deck is the first set of conversations. If you can’t cover everything, that’s ok, there’s an appendix. And there’s more conversation to be had. You’ve got to get the hook in the investors’ mouth, you know, you can’t get to me on a boat if I never take the bait. So I need to learn enough at the top level to get interested, so I can drill down with you layer and layer and layer below that, but I don’t need to go to level three until I care about level one. So get me really cogent on level one. Your business, your team, your vision, what it can be over time, size of market, all the things you are expected to find in a great deck.



  • Ben Narasin
  • November, 2017
  • 1:50
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