What is effective or successful marketing?

Shernaz Daver / November, 2017


Shernaz Daver, CMO, Udacity and Executive Advisor at Google Ventures explains effective and successful marketing beyond the data.

Video Transcript

What is effective or successful marketing?

A large part of technology companies are driven by data and by numbers, so we count the CTRs, the LTVs and the MOMs and WW, and if you can remember all these acronyms that’s all great and it’s really good to do that. So it’s like lifetime values, clickthrough rates, free enrollment or free trials and that’s all important.

It’s totally important to do it and gives you a barometer of how things are moving. But at the end of it, after all the data that has to be something that’s overlaid on it, that’s kind of art. The art part of it is purely the magic and delight of having a product that’s amazing, which cannot be quantified per say in every single of these acronyms and numbers that are given to you.

I remember going to a worldwide developer conference, just one of the last ones that Steve Jobs spoke at and he had the slide up there, which kind of had an intersection of science and art and that was the way they look at Apple. If you only go with data, you will never do anything that nobody has thought of before, because data is all past and anything futuristic has nothing to do with data. You would never have a Nest thermostat if you’ve relied on all these backward data overall. You’d never actually be able to have an iPhone if you’ve relied just on back data.

So just the pure delight and magic of consuming a product, whatever it might be, coming to a Udacity classroom, buying something off a commerce site, watching a movie. That part of it does not get captured in the numbers and if you can remember that, you’ll know that at the end of the day what you want to do is to kind of have an incredible user and consumer experience, because that’s what you’re selling at the end. So if the consumer says “wow, I can’t believe that packaging on that product, I’m waiting to open it”, like we all do when we get an Apple product, you’re succeeding too. That’s the way to look at it.



  • Shernaz Daver, Udacity
  • November, 2017
  • 2:04
  • Marketing & Sales, Marketing

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