What is the best way to delegate tasks and to make sure it’s completed?

Marten Mickos / November, 2017


Marten Mickos, CEO, HackerOne shares tips and tricks on how to delegate tasks and make sure they are done but yet not come across as micromanaging.

Video Transcript

What is the best way to delegate tasks and to make sure it’s completed?

In an ideal organization, you don’t have to delegate much. You have people who step up and asks for a task or they do them without even asking you and there’s a lot of proactivity among people. But sometimes you must delegate. I have a task: who can do it? Sometimes you must convince people that they can do it. They don’t like it because it’s an unpleasant task or they don’t think they can succeed in it. Then you have to convince them that they are so good that they can do it. You must convince them that you would help them in getting to the result.

It can be a lot of back and forth with a person to get that person to truly take on a task. And it’s not enough when people say “sure, I’ll do it”, because many times they won’t. You have to make sure that they really take that task seriously, you have to follow up and say “are you really doing it, are you planning already?”. But you mustn’t do it in a micromanaging way because then you destroy motivation. So it’s very sensitive human to human interaction happening and you have to be forceful enough but not too close to it, you mustn’t micromanage. So the real answer is you’ll only learn by doing it, at first you make mistakes and then you learn how to make it really work well.



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