What is the best way to test a startup idea?

David Gurle / November, 2017


David Gurle, Founder and CEO of Symphony explain two things that are important when executing and validating your startup idea.

Video transcript

What is the best way to test a startup idea?

So when you have an idea, the most important thing is to go and implement the idea first. Sometimes your kind of dream of ideas “what if I were to do this or do that”. The most important thing is to create a framework within which you can execute on the idea. The second thing is that you have to surround yourself with either the skills that you don’t have or the skills that compliment your experience and your skillset with people who can complement and help you go and implement these ideas very very fast. The most important thing is to get the idea to validation as quickly as possible, so if you have made a mistake you can calibrate very quickly and then iterate until you get it right. Implement fast, fail fast, learn fast, do not repeat the same mistake twice.



  • David Gurle, Symphony
  • November, 2017
  • 1:09
  • Startup Basics

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