What is the top challenge with operations that is underestimated?

Mary Bui-Pham / November, 2017


Mary Bui-Pham, VP of Operations & Chief of Staff at Yahoo’s Publisher Products explain the top challenge with operations when running both small and large teams.

Video Transcript

What is the top challenge with operations that is underestimated?

I think in my experience running operations for a large team or even small teams. Sometimes small teams share the same challenges. The hardest thing to do is a cultural shift. Culture change is harder than anything. Sometimes I feel like startup companies have that leg up. As founders and CEOs, you create those values and you hire the people who amplify those values.

You go into a large company you inherit a lot of baggage, so to try to change when the train is running and stopping it and shifting and changing directions takes a lot of fortitude and a lot of resiliency, and kind of like masochistic desire to take on ugly phenomenal problems that are super hard to change. To me, that is probably the most difficult thing that people underestimate.

A lot of people think technology is a big problem, technology is an easy problem, process is an easy problem. It’s the mind-shift and the cultural change that is probably the hardest thing to implement.



  • Mary Bui-Pham, Yahoo
  • November, 2017
  • 1:37
  • Finance & Operations, Operations

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