What is your top advice to Japanese entrepreneurs looking to expand to Silicon Valley?

Goro Kosaka / September, 2018


Vufine was founded by Goro Kosaka to create a simple wearable display that utilized the functionality of current technology. Goro is also President of Medicraft which is an agency that helps local and Japanese companies to launch their business in Silicon Valley and major clients include Rakuten, Optim, King Jim, KDDI R&D Labs.

Video Transcript:

What is your top advice to Japanese entrepreneurs looking to expand to Silicon Valley?

I guess there is no perfect method to be a startup. You’re already crazy to start a business. 99 to 100 will fail, you already know that but you’re still doing it, so you are already crazy enough, so keep being crazy.

Try to find somebody who is crazy enough to invest in you, that’s what you want to do and not to correct your craziness and be the hundred percent perfect startup. If you are a hundred percent good and perfect, you don’t have to go investors just go to the bank and borrow money. Understand that you are doing something crazy and don’t be afraid of people telling that you’re crazy. Just fearlessly trust in yourself.

I think being an entrepreneur in Japan is already much more risk-taking than doing so in Silicon Valley or in the US. In that sense, Japanese entrepreneurs are already taking a risk. But at the same time, they are a little bit more conservative, trying not to fail or trying not to fail badly. But as I said, you’re doing something crazy so don’t even consider it as a risk. It’s the risk for other people not investing in you.



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