What makes a great leader?

Megan Smith / November, 2017


Megan Smith, 3rd U.S. CTO, Engineer and Entrepreneur explains what makes a great leader.

Video Transcript

What makes a great leader?

A lot of people ask about great leaders. There are so many different kinds of great leaders. I think people need to be themselves. We have a lot of stereotypes about what makes a great leader. That is actually really destructive in a lot of ways because they make you miss out on all different kind of leaders that could be a big part of your management team or the CEO of the company or on the board. I think it’s really critical to be very broad-minded.

I think great leaders, in general, tend to come up underneath other people to support them and help them and make sure the team can do its thing. Whether you’re inside a company or out, what entrepreneurial teams really need the most is the help with signals and noise. So, you have more signals than noise in your company so you can focus as a group on what the priorities are.


  • Megan Smith
  • November, 2017
  • 1:07
  • Team, Leadership

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