What makes a startup successful?

Steven Schuurman / November, 2017


Steven Schuurman, CEO and Co-Founder of Elastic mention two key components to startup success!

Video transcript

What makes a startup successful?

What makes a startup successful? There is not one answer to that question, but what I feel like if you build something if you take something to market that people start talking about early on in the process and it kind of goes viral. That’s a big thing! That’s where it typically starts, so you hit a nerve somewhere with a product or a service. The second thing I would say, is you have to find your business model that charges for the right things, so people feel like you’re charging very very fairly. If you’re able to do that, strike a nerve and ask money for whatever adds a lot of value. I think your startup can really be super successful.



  • Steven Schuurman, Elastic
  • November, 2017
  • 0:57
  • Startup Basics

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