Who is not the right type of investor?

Ann Winblad / November, 2017


Ann Winblad explains why you should not just take any money from any investor.

Video transcript

Who is not the right type of investor?

Finding a great investor means almost like entering into a marriage. Anyone who’s been married and divorced understands that marriages just seem happy and divorces are usually pretty ugly. So think about as if you’re marrying this investor, especially a venture capitalist. Seed round investors tend to be around for a shorter period of time and they’re very formative stages. So the wrong investor is the one where you say “this is the only money I can get, but I don’t really like the investor, I can’t work with them, I disagree on my fundamental vision”. That is a marriage headed for a divorce.



  • Ann Winblad, HWVP
  • November, 2017
  • 0:51
  • Funding

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