Why should I apply to an accelerator?

Brayton Williams / November, 2017


Brayton Williams, Co-Founder and Partner at Boost VC explains what an accelerator is and how it works joining an accelerator.

Video Transcript

Why should I apply to an accelerator? 

I would say other advantages to joining an accelerator are accountability. When you’re starting a company there is a lot of things to distract you. You’re not necessarily focused on what you need to be doing. We literally work out of the basement.

We try to get rid of all the distractions and say find a metric, focus on the metric, grow that metric and before even that you just have to get a product out there. There is very simple advice to a lot of first-time founders that seems obvious to many but someone just needs to tell them that. I would say that’s one great value-add, the other is just being around people who really care about making these technologies succeed and it’s just crowdsourced information all the time.



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