Why should you build a more diverse team?

Abby Maldonado / November, 2017


Abby Maldonado, Diversity Program Specialist, Pinterest explains why diversity is important and how to get buy-in from the management team.

Video Transcript

Why should you build a more diverse team?

I think you should build a more diverse team because diversity is the future. We know that diverse team outperforms homogenous teams, time and time again. They are more creative. They are more productive. They bring more ideas to the table. They come up with better decisions. We’re building these products and services for the entire world. We have to make sure we’re representing a wide variety of perspectives.

If you really need to convince your management team that diversity is essential for success. Let them know that when innovation matters diversity is essential. When we have complex tasks that we have to solve, which is all that we’re solving in this tech industry. We need different perspectives represented, and the research shows that.

When you bring people from different backgrounds, different socioeconomic backgrounds, different demographic backgrounds, we know that they are going to come together reveal more information, anticipate that the person from across the table is different from them, and therefore come to a different solution. Showing the management team that this is the future is going to help you get that buy-in.



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